Oral Presentations

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23. PS6.3_Basant Thapa View/Download
24. PS6.4_Indra Bilas Baral View/Download

Conference Date

National Conference on Family Planning
18-19 March 2019
Kathmandu, Nepal

About Us

Family Welfare Division, Ministry of Health and Population is organising the National Conference on Family Planning (NCFP) in Kathmandu from 18-19 March, 2019 with the support of ADRA Nepal as a host. The theme for NCFP 2019 is “Family Planning: Reaching the Unreached” which aspires to provide a tremendous platform for the improvement of quality and reach of family planning services among adolescents, postpartum women, poor, marginalized and hard to reach groups.

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For general information about the conference, including registration and abstract submission, please contact us at:
  secretariat (@) ncfpnepal.org
  Kathmandu, Nepal