Strategic Direction in Family Planning

The National Conference on Family Planning emphasizes the mutual responsibility of donors, federal structured government, scientists, academicians, public health professionals,medical colleges, private practitioner including pharmacies, civil society organizations,user groups, media people, policy-makers, researchers, and implementers for achieving common goals. The conference will be tremendous event for all involved in RH/FP and is intended to attract health professionals from all disciplines involved with RH/FP. It is a chance to present, discuss, evaluate and disseminate recent International Conference on FP (ICFP) Rwanda’s commitments and scientific developments and lessons learnt within the country, and collectively chart a course forward.

It will also reflect the greater movement to expand and improve access to family planning care and provides a platform for strategic directions in the family planning, bringing together a wide range of influential participants to discuss challenges and success stories by different stakeholders in family planning. It will also influence government and donor organizations to announce their commitments to family planning and reproductive health and also review their previous commitments.

Conference Date

National Conference on Family Planning
18-19 March 2019
Kathmandu, Nepal

About Us

Family Welfare Division, Ministry of Health and Population is organising the National Conference on Family Planning (NCFP) in Kathmandu from 18-19 March, 2019 with the support of ADRA Nepal as a host. The theme for NCFP 2019 is “Family Planning: Reaching the Unreached” which aspires to provide a tremendous platform for the improvement of quality and reach of family planning services among adolescents, postpartum women, poor, marginalized and hard to reach groups.

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  Kathmandu, Nepal